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My husband begged me to to stop in and give Nelda's Yoga Studio a try. It was my last hope of regaining my body and mind back. My first session was on May 1, 2018. That day was the day that for ever changed my life in so many ways. I could barely walk. The Dr's had told me they didn't know if I had early stage lupus or MS. Had been through many years of testings and nothing would show up. Yet my body was failing me. My right side was so weak. I looked like a walking dead person to be honest. I was in so much pain also. All over body pain. Nelda listened to my symptoms and we talked about my health in depth. She was very kind and caring. I have a brain lesion and sometimes I do not understand what i am being told. I know it frustrates many people but not once out of my 18 private sessions did Nelda ever get frustrated at me for doing a pose wrong or not understand her. She explained the pose till I got it with calmness and kindness. She had me working with the bungee ropes first. My body would be screaming at me by the time I left most sessions. It was a good scream, but it took me a few days to regroup. By the next session I was ready to roll again. I went from the bungee helping me to actually being able to get on the floor, after not being able to for three years. I went from barely walking in to her studio, to walking out the last session with such strength mentally and physically, that to be honest I didn't ever think I would regain. She helped me to gain my life back. 

Thank you Nelda from the bottom of my heart!!

Irisa Roylance

"I love Nelda's class!

After exercising for many years, I have recently added Yoga to my schedule. She individualizes her treatment for everyone, as well as giving carefully throughout each session. She's an excellent teacher and is helping me enormously with issues I haven't dealt with before. I am now 90 years old and in better health than I was at 80."

Betty Braham Kuhn

The name Yoga Studio is very well known and frequently used these days everywhere.

We are talking specificaly about to whom this Studio belong.s The owner of this Studio, creator and the Yoga instructor / teacher is NELDA. Who is she? You can read about her in the book that she published last year, 2018: “My Life, My Struggles, Story.” She is an amazing middle aged woman, who immigrated from her country, Philippines. It seems like a miracle how she overcame an unbelievable hardship in her early years of life at home, until, she as a young woman, came to the U.S. In the new country, Nelda - an immigrant had overcame completely different kind of hardship. Yoga wasn’t her first experience in our country. At some point in her development, she decided to be trained intensively “hands on”  and by many Gurus. What is the result of her long-time training ? I am privileged to be her student for 14 years, during winter months, in Venice, FL and  I have been doing Yoga more than 40 yrs.. in various places, with different instructors, so I can, really, compare Nelda’s teaching with many other teachers and styles. She, first of all, is trained in several kinds of Yoga:  Thai Yoga; Vinyasa Style, Yin Yoga, Acro Yoga, Hatha Yoga and a couple of other styles. The combination of these all styles she practises in her Studio and in YMCA as well as on the beach. Nelda also trains other selected students. What do I love in Nelda’s Studio ?

She brings to her many classes humor, joy and peace. It is evident how she loves Yoga, her students and her family 

(also animals). Nelda radiates a surplus of energy and determination. Hygiene in her Studio is meticulous. Nelda pays individual attention to every student and everybody’s condition. For instance, I have two artificial hips and Nelda is

"watching over me“ very carefully. She explains and demonstrates every movement, its medical and spiritual benefits. Gentleness and proper demands charcterized her classes. I am never bored in her class because of the great variability of exercises. To reinforce a final relaxation in every class, she puts a wet cloth over your eyes to reduce rapid eye movements. When you think that is already the end of the class - no way! Nelda prepares and distributes cup of tea consisting of healthy ingredients, like ginger and turmeric, After finishing drinking - you go to the corner of the room, where you put your shoes on and are refreshed and rejuvenated you leave.


Anita Riska, Ph.D.

"I've been a student at Nelda's for over 10 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else! The variety of classes Nelda offers is wonderful. There truly is something for everyone. From a nice gentle stretch perfect for beginners, all the way to level 3 yoga work out. Core strengthing, hot yoga, thai massage, infrared sauna, and floor only deep stretching. I never get bored with her classes, because they are always different. That, along with her attention to the well-being of her students, who might have injuries to work around, is what has kept me coming back year after year."


Chris Florand

"I began seeing Nelda 14 years ago, I had a European trip planned and had to cancel, I could hardly walk due to pain in hips, feet, shoulder, neck, and elbows, I saw her for individual appointments for almost a year before I finally felt well enough and joined a group. I live without pain now and can do all the things I plan and more. Nelda is not typical yoga therapist. She is determined, persistent, creative, and more often than not, inspired when she works with you, both individually and in a group.

The positions and the body posture, while doing yoga, is always being tweaked by Nelda until your body recognizes the new feeling and position. My joints, balance, strength, have improved remarkably, and I cannot imagine ever giving up Yoga. I have been through a few injuries and illnesses during this time, and believe Yoga with Nelda has helped to speed up my recovery."


Hillsman, Nokomis, FL

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