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Nelda Barba, yoga teacher & owner

Yoga and the Mind/Body practices had not always been a part of my life. In my 30's, I had a terrible car accident that ruined my neck, shoulder, and knee. Mangled and in pain, the doctors did not have much hope for me to live a "normal life". They assumed that pain medications and physical limitations would always be a part of my life.

At 40 years of age and in a lot of pain, I decided to try yoga at the local YMCA. I thought it would be the easiest and least painful way to keep my body moving. Very shortly, I realized that I not only became stronger and more flexible but that I gained an inner peace that changed my life in ways

I never could have imagined. The peace, the calm, and the confidence that took over my life were so exceptional that I knew I had to share this with others. So I told anyone that would listen to me to go to this class at the YMCA given by this wonderful instructor, Bonnie. After 4 years of being guided by Bonnie and seeing tremendous improvements, she approached me and told me I should seriously consider making a career out of this because of how I learned, practiced and help to guide others.

I was born in the Phillipines and came to Venice at 18, drawn by the beaches, the weather, and the sense of community. I am married and have

3 wonderful children. I am very passionate about my practice and being able to help people achieve a level of peace and happiness through yoga.


Since I opened my studio in 2004, I have continued my training with many Masters and on many levels. This has given me the tools that make me better at my passion. Life is very short and we must all be who we were meant to be. Yoga helps you get there on many levels.

I look forward to meeting you and starting our journey together.


My professional experience and training in Yoga started in 2004 and continues

every day.


Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas

Certified: 200 hours


Bernie Clark:

Yin & Yang Continuing Education

Certified: 50 hours



Elise Browning Miller: Scoliosis Training



Tim Miller: Ashtanga Style



Continuing Education: Thai Practitioner Body Work. Helman Itsach: Thai Yoga Works

Gary Kraftsow: Viniyoga Therapy

Certified: 500 hours



Sarah Powers: Yin Yoga

Gary Kraftsow: Viniyoga Therapy

Manju Jois: Ashtanga Style of Yoga,

Level 11



Eugene Poku: Acro Yoga

Helman Itsach: Thai Yoga Works



Sarah Powers: Yin Yoga



Shiva Rea: Evolutionary Journey Vinyasa Flow, Level 11

Dr. Anthony James: Thai Yoga Works



Manju Jois: Ashtanga Style

of Yoga, Level 11



Ana Forest: Forest Style, Level 11



Jimmy Barkan: Hot Vinyasa, Level 11

Bobby Goldin: Iyengar Style of Hatha Yoga

Now available on

Learn about what brought me to this point and why I am so committed.
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